Living life to the fullest

Everday I ride the bus home from work. Never fails, my driver is a 65 year old woman who loves to sing us songs and tell stories. She knows every new face and doesn’t miss a beat if the opportunity for being a good citizen arises. No matter who you are, she’s just a peach.

My other bus drivers act like they hate life.



3 thoughts on “Living life to the fullest

  1. I also notice a huge discrepancy between bus drivers’ personalities. It seems like a business that you either love or you hate… and those who daily ride with you shape that perspective, perhaps.

    • So, I took your advice and started to observe the people on my bus and the attitude of the bus drivers. I firmly believe it’s a combination of the bus drivers outlook and how the riders shape them.

      The woman bus driver told me that she loves life. She may not have the best job, but she will be the best bus driver, and she always has fun. But then she’s on a bus full of college kids.

      The other bus drivers hate their job because they have little pay and their hours are crazy.

      The people on my bus aren’t interested in talking to other people. Some are obviously cranky, but they get on the bus, sit down, and wait till they get to their stop.

      So, my conclusion? You make your life or you let others make it for you.

      But thanks ‘makeacrane’. You gave me something to think about ^_^

  2. I agree! It’s all about attitude, like everything in life. It’s funny though about the little pay part and crazy hours, because this bus driver was telling me that he decided to take the bus job instead of being a teacher because the pay is better–since the bus drivers have such as strong union I guess…it differs everywhere though. (And not that teachers get paid well.) Great discussion! Thanks for sharing your observations with me!

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