Claressa Shields: Youngest Female Olympic Boxer

Why of all pictures...

Why of all pictures did post the one with the mean armpit hair?

Youngest female Olympic boxer. Found this picture headlining

Really?… Really…Why do this to my girl?

Yes, some women are partial to razors, but I’ve yet to see any other photo with her sprouting a forest!



6 thoughts on “Claressa Shields: Youngest Female Olympic Boxer

    • Here’s why this made it on my blog. Pit hair? If you’re ptoud to rock it more power to ya. THIS shot just looked incredibly out of place. I searched the web hoping to find that’s her thing, but no success. See where I’m going? I know how reporters looove those embarrasing candids. But I’m assuming, right? Do you know if Claressa is pro naturale?

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