Guess Who’s the World’s Biggest Racist!


“Yea, Obozo is a liar and cheat and the worst racist in American history. He wouln’t help a white man get a job. He hates America, especially white America. His actions tell us so. He doesn’t give a hoot about the American working man. He wants to give our jobs to foreigners. What do we expect from a foreign-born, illegal fraud in our White House? See website:”

I certainly tee-hee’d and ho-ho’d when I read this. Because when I think of the “worst racist in American history” I think of Obama…

Reality check though… Our government is filled with people who have hate in their hearts and bigotry in their soul just like this person here. Now, I’m not sure if this is correct; but considering all the changes that have happened in America  you would think that racism is un-patriotic. I said it. I did.

It’s sad! Let me confess freely for those of you who feel my pain…


When I hear the term “Patriotic All American Citizen” I really, with guilt, do picture a redneck racist sporting a rebel flag.  Maybe it’s the media or watching the presidential debates. I can’t watch a commercial with actors of different racists without  thinking for a split second “Oh their trying to not look racist”. I will admit it because it bothers my soul people. The government pressures employers to have a certain percentage of women and minorities… When I heard that, it’s like they’re pressuring them to lie about their true feelings about anyone who isn’t a white man. I warned you that I would be ranting. Forgive me… We have a long way to go.

What can we do? Be good parents. Teach love, tolerance, and understandings. Embrace diversity and other points of view. Believe that our differences may be used to our advantage as a whole nation (ie: sports team. everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. they are put into certain positions to balance and harmonize traits and attributes) . Most importantly, put what we say into action instead of just hoping the world will change.

Much love America.


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